Sunday, January 13, 2008

-Still I Believe-

I can see the leaves falling
People on the streets are smiling
The Days were so close to me
I can feel my tears falling
dropping on your face, and i whispered:
"Can you feel my kiss?"
We had a lot of happy days,
but faded away,
You are in the safety place,
Don't be afraid,
Oh God,
Tell me "It's just a joke" and "He will come back"
You have got everything you want
Please let him go.
And i still believe,
That's a way for us,
And i don't wanna leave,
Whenever you wake up, i'll be there.
and i still believe,
You will stay and you will live,
open your eyes,
Please wake up for me.
Still, i believe you can wake up for me.
-song of my netfriend, shara.-
(she created almost 20 something songs, everyone nice, this is first try on english song)

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