Sunday, January 13, 2008

-My own Values?-

I chat with one of my friend,
from oversea,
Whom i saw once in wedding party,
But edi can chat like family.
He talked about a topic,
and i forget how it link to the next topic.
he did teach me a very good lesson.
Don't know why,
He able to see the inner me,
whom live inside me,
for a long time,
yet i never meet.
He told me that i always hide myself,
the very weak one.
I looked strong,
but i was not.
I easy to trust,
and this make me easy to get hurt.
cause not everyone is who they are
as i thought.
Not everyone is that pure
as i thought.
His words remind me about what my parents
told me in last holidays.
It brought tears to me,
as how my parents did.
They tried to tell me the truth,
which i kept ignoring.
they are right.
i should change,
for a better future.
Telling other about my feels
since the hardest words for me.
but not sorry.
yet, i could do that,
when i feel the sincere heart.
He told me to find my own values,
stopped changed and hide myself.
but, where is my own values?
Maybe there are inside me,
but no one show me those,
except my family.
maybe i can't find those that soon,
As what i promise him.
Hrm.....pls don't think i like that 'him', i din, k?
he really just my good friend.
Hak, he sure won't blame me for saying these,
aiya, i have to say this,
if not other mistake,
Wow, u r right!
i feel good for let those feelings out of my heart.
really good to let tell what i feel.
Gosh, i was thinking should i set my blog to be private.
but, i promise u edi.
never hide,
but for sure not explose to everyone la.
At least i choose,
those really treat me well.
i promise!!
u see, i post these kind of things
on blog which i never did,
mean i improve edi,
can i get my be-lated christmas present?
mail to me la!!

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Lynne said...

You write very well.